Friday, March 21, 2008

Despair v. Hope

I just want to be on record for calling it now: The recession we're in now will be looked back upon fondly when we're in the coming depression. My guess is late fall when the TV bobbleheads all start into the "are we looking at a depression?" gaggle - like they are with the belated "are we in a recession?" gaggle right now. The joke about it all is that despite the politicians' and the media's best effort at pretending the inevitable isn't already happening (sort of like with the Democratic primary race), the rest of us know it has because we are witnessing it every time the bills are paid and there's less money in the bank than the month before. The media doesn't have to tell us we're in a recession, our bank accounts tell us that.

On the bright side, we have a bright future to look forward to when Barack Obama is our next president. Without going on about all of the positives that will entail, I'll just say that Barack Obama has the potential to be an FDR to W's Hoover. But I suspect he may be more like a combined FDR/JFK/MLK/RFK... and maybe a touch of LBJ, but only in the good way.

Dark clouds are on the horizon, but the silver lining is the biggest we could hope for.

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