Monday, September 8, 2008

No free press

Adam McKay is right that we don't have a free press anymore - free in every meaning of the word. It is indeed bought and paid for. But he's not quite right about the ratings being the primary driver. If ratings had anything to do with it, MSNBC wouldn't be crapping on Olbermann, who is NBC's ratings cow right now. But he is absolutely right about it being because the major outlets are owned by massive corporations, and it is the shareholders and the executives - all mostly business-oriented Republicans - who hold the real power over who gets elected in this country, at least at the national level.

Adam is also right about the voter suppression tactics the Republiscums are rolling out. After that failed to get Von Spakovsky at the head of the FEC, they found another way to use his evil voter suppression powers. Right now he's working on ways to disenfranchise voters who vote by absentee ballot, and he was successful in helping Indiana get their voter identification law passed, which will disenfranchise thousands of voters, most of all who would be most likely to vote against the Republiscums.

Adam is right about another thing:

"...unless we wake up, we're gonna lose this frickin' thing."

It may seem to many that those of us on the "angry left" are just using the media as a whipping boy, even though not enough people where whipping it enough, but it is starting to seem as though many are waking up to just how dangerous - and useless - the press in our society is. Maybe it is because the Corporate-Run Media has shown its hand and the stacked deck with all things Palin.

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