Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tired of bailing out rich people with your taxes?

A great way to keep those rich Wall Street vultures, and the over-bloated US auto industry from stealing any more of your money via bailout plans is to simply not pay your taxes. Certainly a few people can't make a difference that way, and definitely not without risking penalty of jail. But imagine the response we'd get from our lawmakers is suddenly a million or so Americans decieed collectively to just stop paying taxes.

First of all, the government, Federal and State, would be too underfunded, and too overwhelmed to do anything about it, apart from going after the low-hanging fruit. But I'm willing to risk taking one for the team if it means that our Congress finally stops taking sides with the evil corporate overlords, and starts listening to their constituents again.

So who's on board with me?

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