Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just a thought

The Obama administration needs to learn very fast that no matter what it does to placate the GOP, it is pointless. The GOP will do everything they can to impede progress, just like they did with the Clinton administration. A successful Obama administration means bad news for Republicans, so they have no incentive to do anything that would benefit the Obama administration. They can let the country go down the tubes (as they have for the past eight years), then deflect blame to Obama. I don't get why Obama can't see the obvious. Thinking that Dems and GOP can work together towards common good is the height of naivete.

And to Obama's common refrain that "Republicans have good ideas," I ask what are they? We've had almost a decade of Republican ideas. I'm open to hearing of a single one.

Seriously. If you know of any good Republican ideas, please let me know what you think they are.

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