Friday, October 31, 2008


If McCain ran against Jesus

Animal Farm Friday - Happy Halloween (again)!

Obama to McCain: You got served!

Random thought

I occasionally wonder how it happened that such a perpetually wrong
screwball like Bill Kristol could get a paid position at the NY Times.
It just occurred to me that they must have thought that the best way
to destroy him is to let him do the business himself. To not just give
him the rope, but also give him the platform from which to hang

He's done a remarkable job.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Raleigh, NC

From 538:

I Have a Daydream -

I spotted a very old black man in a sharp Sunday suit walking slowly at the very back of the huge march. He hadn't yet arrived at the voting center, and I decided to find him when I got back.

I wanted to go talk to him, to ask him what this moment meant to him. He was a guy who you take one glance at, and know, that guy's seen it all. I wanted a quote. I had my journalist hat on. I thought, this will be great.

So when I got back to the voting location with the car, I went to find him in the line. Eventually I spotted him, and was ready to walk up the few feet between us and introduce myself when I stopped in my tracks.

A young black boy, no more than eight years old, walked up to this man, who was at least eighty. The boy offered the man a sticker, probably an "I Voted" sticker, but I couldn't see. The man took the sticker and paused. Silently, he looked down at the boy, who was looking back up at the man. The man put his hand gently on the boy's head, and I saw his eyes glisten.

I didn't ask the man for a quote. I didn't need to. I walked over by myself, behind the community center, and I sat down on a bench next to the track, and wept.

(thanks, Vin!)

Excellent NO on 8 ad

Very clever ad! A No on 8 group takes a Yes on 8 ad and replaces "gay marriage" with "inter-racial marriage" to effectively demonstrate just how hateful the Yes on 8 message really is.

Free Speech?

I'm fairly confident that the framers of our Constitution did not have this type of behavior in mind when they drafted the early amendments.

This is what hate-filled rhetoric and fear mongering in campaign stump speeches inspires:

An ad we can believe in


Call to Action!

Read this below, then take action. Make yourself HEARD! Don't let Bush and Cheney get away with this final act of shitting on the country before they leave office!

Bill Moyers:

There's nothing make-believe about this. Remember these scenes of
mountain top mining in West Virginia? Companies blow those mountains
sky-high to expose the coal, then haul away tons of rock and debris and
dump the waste into valley areas. To protect the quality of the water,
they're not supposed to pile the stuff within 100 feet of rivers and

But while we've all been obsessing over Sarah Palin's posh makeover and
Joe Biden's latest gaffe, the coal companies have been lobbying the
Bush administration to gut the rules even further, to allow them
greater freedom to dump massive waste piles anywhere they want -
including directly into the water.

Now, the Interior Department is one of those government agencies that's
practically been turned over to the industries it's supposed to
regulate. So as a parting gift, the President's appointees at Interior
have now officially proposed granting the coal companies their wish -
to dump at will.

There's a 30-day period for public comment and review before the proposal takes effect, so you can find out how to register your opinion - pro or con - at our site on

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday Funny - Disasters Around the World

Public Service Announcement

As Election Nears, Dirty Tricks Grow More Common

With these dirty tricks reaching a new level of disgust, we can only hope that part of Obama's message in the Wednesday night broadcast will go directly after these scurrilous tactics.
About Voting Problems
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Obama: Prop 8 Divisive and Discriminatory

Monday, October 27, 2008

Why I hate Florida

Stupid twats like this local yokel are why I am glad I don't live in Florida. I love how Biden gracefully handles what has to be the most absolute right-wingnut interview in history outside of Fox News. The sad thing about it is her questions are reflective of the majority of the idiots who watch that channel.


Beauty in sadness, or sadness in beauty?

How DISGUSTING is the Yes on 8 campaign?

They are disgusting enough to exploit the children of families who oppose Prop 8.

The Yes on 8 Blackwater connection

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Funny - Wazzup?!?!

This is way more funny than I expected it to be, but sad too. Thanks for all those that shared this with me!