Friday, April 22, 2011

Dropbox's new security policy implies that they lied about privacy from the start - via Boing Boing

I really have little or nothing to hide, and I also have little or no belief that anything I think should be hidden could not be discovered by any truly clever agent with the right tools. But being lied to in this manner by a company I trust with my data is inexcusable. Like Amazon, Paypal, and several other services, I've discovered that life goes on perfectly well without them.

I hope this article is more sensationalist than substantive, but otherwise, it looks like I may be saying farewell to Dropbox very soon.

Animal Farm Friday - Super Cats

In honor of that crazy dream I recently had of being overwhelmed by an infestation of cats - including some tigers, I present you this:

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Courage Speaks to Power Against Torture!

This type of activism takes courage (and money, too, apparently).

For what it's worth, I will not support an administration that tortures, condones torture, or engages in other extra-judicial tactics, in the myopically misguided assumption that this sort of abhorrent behavior actually makes us more secure. (hint hint: Mubarak's Egypt).

I hope the Obama administration can be inspired by this kind of courage, and step away from the hideous abuses of executive power administered over the past two decades. But if they want to swim in the muck, they can drown in it too.

It will be a great day when mature adults man the helms of leadership in this country. But I believe that wish has been begged for since before the days of Gilgamesh.