Friday, April 30, 2010

Animal Farm Friday - Soy Milk or Soy - wait! WTF?

Sorry. No non-human animals in this funny news clip of what else to call soy milk (or rice milk, etc.) instead of "milk".

The video is funny, but the topic pisses me off. I don't personally care for soy milk, or rice milk, or even milk from a cow generally speaking. But I hate the National Milk Producers Federation and other dairy organizations like them, for many, many reasons that I won't go into here, and this specific topic is one of them. Those jerks are as bad as cigarette companies when it comes to greed and general evilness. Attacking competitors in such a shameless way is clear evidence. I wonder when they'll start going after Milk of Magnesia.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Illegal Immigrants?

Art from Garbage

Believe it or not, this:

is made from this:

For more stunning examples of art made from the by-products of our excessive consumerism, check out the amazing work by Chris Jordan, a Seattle-based photographer (and former corporate lawyer).

On the Humanity and Inhumanity of American Soldiers in Combat

If you've seen the video of the massacre in Baghdad, where US forces are shown murdering innocent civilians, you know how gut-wrenching that situation was. The following article is no less gut-wrenching, but it sheds more light on the events of that day, and offers more detail on the humanity - and the inhumanity - of American soldiers in combat.

Iraq war veteran Ethan McCord, who is seen running with an Iraqi child in his arms in the video posted by WikiLeaks of a July 2007 massacre of civilians in Baghdad..., together with another former member of the company, Josh Stieber, have addressed an open “Letter of Reconciliation” to the Iraqi people taking responsibility for their role in this incident and other acts of violence.

I highly recommend reading the full interview.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010



"Man, you go through life, you try to be nice to people, you struggle to resist the urge to punch 'em in the face, and for what?" - Moe "Hammed" Syzlak