Saturday, January 10, 2009

Absolutely zero justification or acceptable explanation

There can be no acceptable reason for this BART cop to have shot this man in the back.

USA - doing our part to kill as many Palestinians as we can

Hamas or civilians, apparently doesn't seem to matter, as we look to ship 3,000 tons of ammo to Israel.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Israel has finally gone too far

First they force 100 Palestinian civilians into a single house, then they bomb it to smithereens?

Fuck you, Israel. Reap what you sow, fuckers!

Animal Farm Friday - demoCrAT pussies and an angry REPublicanTILE

There was a time when I thought that Democrats were subtle but tough, and relentless in their pursuits for justice and equality. I don't believe that anymore. This video serves as a decent metaphor for how I perceive Democrats these days: They act tough, but they're really pussies.

Watch as these DemoCrATS get handled by an old, sloggish, wrinkled - yet tenacious, REPublicanTILE. (Puns intended. Duh!)

When will we get serious?

I've reached my limit for the incessant, vapid coverage of the quaint theater surrounding the Obama administration.


This country is at a crossroads potentially more perilous than any
it has ever experienced since its founding, and we're all still
bleating about rules and tradition and proper deference and other
nonsensical bullshit that is not going to keep the mighty US from becoming
Argentina circa 80s or Mexico circa now.

Focus, people. Focus. This country is the Titanic sinking, and
everyone is arguing over when's the proper time for the quartet shift
change, and who should be on bass.

A New Age of Liberalism, indeed. Ha!

It would genuinely be exciting if Liberal Ideas were truly gaining in popularity, but I seriously have my doubts. That said, it would only take a brilliantly sublime marketing campaign - well-timed seasonally - to cause a sea change in opinion.

If anything, Apple has at least taught the world that people don't know what they want until they're told what it is they truly want.

Of course, Apple is not all that Genius. Evangelical ministers, Shamans, priests, used car salesmen, and quite a few dictators have known this Secret since they first began preaching the gospel and inciting the masses. The secret to the success of these masters of message is to first assess what it is people are looking for, or to discover what they are missing. Once that is figured out, the rest is simply manipulating their emotions adroitly enough to imbue your product with the features .

Marketing 101. Saturation and Domination.

But in a country - nay, world - saturated with and dominated by dumbed-down, Wal-Mart-style wholesale Conservative ideology, we are all in dire need of a targeted
messaging campaign to popularize critical thinking and celebrate common

It's nice to see someone trying.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just a thought

The US stood on the sidelines for two genocides in Africa (Rwanda and
Sudan), so why does anyone think the US will care about a comparative
handful of Muslims in the Middle East?

I used to create planets...

Matt Bors Jan 07, 2009

Christians can be so stupid

"I am sure that Stephen Green really does think there is a great deal
of evidence for a God (though presumably only the one that he believes
in) but I pity the [Advertising Standards Authority] if they are going to be expected to rule on the
probability of god’s existence.

Hey Christians! Bring it on! Please!

Is it even possible...

...for George W. Bush to not look stoopider than everyone else around him?

Well, 'stupid is as stupid does' is what Momma always used to say.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Vote Now!

Do you want "In God We Trust" removed from our currency?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Gaza Crisis


This statement seems to undermine your entire position on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict:

I need to repeat: There is no "just war" excuse for Hamas' murderous terrorism or for its refusal to acknowledge or peacefully co-exist with Israel.

It seems that you expect the Palestinians and other Arab countries to roll over like dogs to the almighty Christian Westerners and the Jewish invaders, and just meagerly accept that they are a beaten and broken people, and must acquiesce to the demands of the mightier power. Ironically, this is exactly what Christians - and the Romans before them - once demanded and expected of the Jews.

The undeniable fact is that the Jews have stolen - and have been stealing - Arab and Palestinian land - since the mid-20th century. The Arabs and Palestinians have been fighting back ever since.

Certainly, the Palestinian Arab's are not the first people who have had their land stolen by a superior power, but the simple fact is that the Palestinians and Arabs have refused to accept defeat at the hands of the Jews and their Western supporters. Much the same as no Western power has been able to conquer the Arabs, the Israelis as America's proxy will also never conquer their Arab neighbors. Israel may steal and occupy their land, oppress, starve, beat, and demoralize them, and they may even bomb them to bits, but they will not conquer them.

It's an obvious lesson that Conservatives - and certainly neocons - never seem to learn.

Robber or Emporer, Pirates or Coast Guard?

Another interesting article which warrants further research, but the author's claim that the Somali pirates - while some may be nothing more than thugs - are actually a Volunteer Coast Guard attempting to defend their shores against European ships illegally fishing their waters at one end and dumping toxic nuclear waste at the other, or at least trying to collect a tax on those vessels.

The article has this great quotation:

The story of the 2009 war on piracy was best summarised by another pirate, who lived and died in the fourth century BC. He was captured and brought to Alexander the Great, who demanded to know "what he meant by keeping possession of the sea." The pirate smiled, and responded: "What you mean by seizing the whole earth; but because I do it with a petty ship, I am called a robber, while you, who do it with a great fleet, are called emperor." Once again, our great imperial fleets sail in today - but who is the robber?

Sort of sums up the world writ large. One peoples' terrorist is another peoples' freedom fighter. One peoples' liberator is another peoples' conqueror. One nation's protector is another nation's criminal.

Or better yet: One peoples' torture is another peoples' harsh interrogation technique.

"As the Arabs see the Jews"

I can't vouch for the authenticity of this letter by King Abdullah of Jordan (which once controlled part of Palestine), but this particular passage really stands out for me:

I was puzzled for a long time about the odd belief which apparently persists in America that Palestine has somehow "always been a Jewish land." Recently an American I talked to cleared up this mystery. He pointed out that the only things most Americans know about Palestine are what they read in the Bible. It was a Jewish land in those days, they reason, and they assume it has always remained so.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. It is absurd to reach so far back into the mists of history to argue about who should have Palestine today, and I apologise for it. Yet the Jews do this, and I must reply to their "historic claim." I wonder if the world has ever seen a stranger sight than a group of people seriously pretending to claim a land because their ancestors lived there some 2,000 years ago!

"As the Arabs see the Jews"
His Majesty King Abdullah,
The American Magazine
November, 1947

What do you think the reaction would be by most Americans if Native Americans claimed rights to this land that they have lived on for thousands of years? Oh right. We'd do to them what the Israeli's are doing to the Palestinians.

Again, I'll say it. Israel is nothing more than America's proxy in the Middle East. No Western country has been able to conquer the Middle East ever, so rather than continue fighting directly, we instead arm to the teeth others that will fight. We promise the Jews their "Promised Land" and give them the bombs to take it from the Arabs. In return, they do the dirty work of conquering the Arabs.

But once again, we see that the Arabs will not be conquered. Occupied, oppressed, starved, beaten, and bombed to bits, but not conquered.

Top 5 Lies About Israel’s Assault on Gaza - by Jeremy R. Hammond

Here are the lies:

Lie #1) Israel is only targeting legitimate military sites and
is seeking to protect innocent lives. Israel never targets civilians.

Lie #2) Hamas violated the cease-fire. The Israeli bombardment
is a response to Palestinian rocket fire and is designed to end such
rocket attacks.

Lie #3) Hamas is using human shields, a war crime.

Lie #4) Arab nations have not condemned Israel’s actions because they understand Israel’s justification for its assault.

Lie #5) Israel is not responsible for civilian deaths because
it warned the Palestinians of Gaza to flee areas that might be targeted.

Here are the details about the lies.

Role Reversal

In this current war between David and Goliath, the mythical David has become Goliath. And while this new Goliath is being pelted with stones just as David once threw, this new Goliath now retaliates with 2,000 lb. bombs, gratefully supplied to them by an even bigger giant. As far as I am concerned, this war is no longer Israel against Palestine; this war is the United States against Palestine, and Israel is our proxy.

The plain and simple truth is that without US money and military weaponry and bombs, this war on Gaza would not be happening. Truth be old, none of Israel's wars would have been possible without the support of the US.

Israel v. Palestine: Which is the true aggressor?