Saturday, November 20, 2010

Animal Farm Friday (on Saturday) - Laser Cats!

From the SFist:


Photo by Andrew Dalton of Aggressive Panhandler.

If we must to go down in flames, shouldn't it be at the hands of darling felines? Andrew Dalton of Aggressive Panhandler (and, ahem, SFist) snapped this pic of the new cherishable cat mural that went up at the Harding Theater on Divisadero.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

On The Commission to Balance the Federal Budgets Report

I do think there are a lot of ideas here worth seriously considering, even if they need some adjusting. But there's one very simple way this country could have been saving, and could start money on, and that's to STOP fighting UNNECESSARY wars!

Why this concept seems so hard for the frightened sheeple majority amongst us to grasp is a sad statement on our current reality.

Imagine if even half of the money spent on Iraq and Afghanistan went to developing smarter and more efficient means of detection, and went to expanding our intelligence apparatus, and went to foreign development and education in means not of welfare, but of meaningful support systems.

This is the difference between investing and gambling; the former rewards more often, the latter rarely rewards.