Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The truth is never negative, it is only the truth

Obama has been pretty good so far about keeping his attacks as defensive maneuvers, but he could be better. He's done well at responding to Clinton's attacks, and has kept his "negative blows" to those that parry her attacks. But as every trained fighter knows, you can't always just play defense, and being aggressive is not the same as being negative. As long as Obama speaks truth to Hillary's so-called power, he's in the clear. A strong and successful fighting strategy is to meet every blow with two of your own. If someone punches you, you punch back twice. If they kick you hard, you kick back harder, twice.

Obama has been gentlemanly so far, but the time has long past for this to stop. To win, he doesn't need to praise her campaign, or show admiration for her tenacity, or anything else. She has squandered her right to any respect for her campaign tactics beyond all but those who admire Karl Rove. Obama should not reward her campaign with praise, he should constantly call it out for what it is, but instead should do his best to connect it to the Siegelman case in Alabama, which could prove to be the nail in Rove's coffin, and by extension Clinton's. It will brim as an example of the death of old-school politics.

Any doubters should know that the truth is never negative, it is only the truth.

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