Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Daily Snap!

Ooo. SNAP!

Pennsylvania Democrats delivered this one today, to the Democratic party. While it was merely a glancing blow to the Obama campaign, it was enough to telegraph all the way to weakening the chances of the party to take back the White House (and Congress, and a chance at getting a SCOTUS judge or two).

Those white middle-aged voters are no doubt happy they kept their collective thumb on the black man, and make no mistake about it, the race in Pennsylvania was all about race.

Clinton has only two weeks to pull off a major upset in the next primaries coming up May 6, not the six weeks she had in PA. That means we can expect a rapid fire volley of Karl Rove-style meanness and nastiness, the likes we have not seen yet. But who will be the real winner May 6? It won't be Clinton, and it won't be the Democratic party. My guess is it will be the GOP.

Nice going Pennsylvania. You'll share a special place in history right there with Ohio, Florida, and the Supreme Court of 2000. Hope you're all proud.

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