Friday, April 25, 2008

Mmmm... root bee-------r.

I like root beer, and I like bees, but I can't say I like bees in my root beer.

During the lunch time pizza party for my boss's birthday, I cracked open a can of (name withheld) Creamy Root Beer, and took a big swig, only to get a mouthful of something more than I was expecting. The first thought that entered my head was that perhaps it was a cigarette butt, because who hasn't taken a gulp from a cab of beer that was used as an ash tray, at least once. That thought didn't make me feel to good, so I went with a better one. Sediment. Having downed enough bottles of red wine, I've imbibed my share of tartrate crystals and other interesting wine by-products.

Honestly, if it had been a fly, I might have gagged, but I have affinity for bees. Perhaps it is due in part because I am not allergic, but mostly because of all the good work they do pollinating and making honey. No doubt if I were a bee, I'd probably find my way into root beer too.

While you might think that I'm going to make a big to-do about this - and maybe I would if it were something more disgusting than a bee - I am not. I've eaten bugs before, on purpose and by accident (you can't ride a motorcycle and not eat a few bugs), so it's really no big deal. I also have an aversion to frivolous lawsuits, because they serve to devalue the honest work of necessary lawsuits, and usually end up rewarding the lawyers and not the plaintiffs. I also happen to have a great deal of respect for this particular beverage company, and do not wish to disparage them or their products in any way.

Besides, this was a "natural" soda, and you can't get more natural than a bee.

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