Thursday, April 24, 2008


As in, My Team/Your Team, a nifty little DIY game to while away time. Here are the details as provided by a chap named Andy Havens:

1. You draw a character with a power.

2. I draw a character whose power cancels your guy's power.
3. Repeat.

You do this until your chicken tenders and smiley fries arrive, or until you run out of paper, or until you are hysterical laughing. You can intensimify the game if you like by only allowing:

  • robots and cyborgs
  • bugs
  • dinosaurs
  • robot bugs
  • cyborg dinosoar bugs
  • aliens
  • alien robot bugs
  • fire and water powers
  • underwater creatures
  • things with wheels
  • things without wheels
  • blah blah blah
You get the point. You're really better off playing free-for-all your first few times, especially with kids, as they go bananas on you. Really... Here's our most recent game as an example for you:

Also, check out a more advanced version at The Superest.

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