Friday, September 10, 2010

Another Constitutionally Protected Bad Idea

On the Rachel Maddow show last night (9/9/10), Gail Collins from the NY Times had used the phrase "Constitutionally protected bad idea" while discussing the matter of the Quran burning event that was all the rage in the media this past week. Earlier in the show, Rachel had been talking about how the super-rich Billionaire Koch brothers have been manipulating the stupid redneck Tea Baggers into helping push their radical Libertarian political agenda. Then the idea for this popped into my head:

Animal Farm Friday - Have You Hugged a Polar Bear Today?

Great ad for what looks to be a great car.

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Tea Bagger's Sugar Daddies

If the Tea Baggers were actually able to understand the meaning of the message in the cartoon below, they'd be honking up a storm. Of course, they aren't smart enough to actually get it. Never mind their pathetic grammar and rhetorical skills on display at every rally they attend, as evidenced by their protest signs, bt on a macro level, their lacking intelligence is demonstrated by the mere fact that they are being led around by the noses by celebrity idiots whose real agenda is nothing more than to boost their own celebrity, and it's all made possible by three rich white dudes, one of who is not even from this country.

I know the day will come when at least a handful of the less idiotic Tea Baggers will wake up and realize they've just been had, used, abused, manipulated, and publicly made fools of. I wish I could be there for every one of those moments, but I'd probably die from smugness overload.

By now, you've probably read the New Yorker piece exposing the Kock brothers as the bankrollers of the Tea Baggers. Now, read Frank Rich's piece in the Times.