Saturday, May 24, 2008

HRC stands for...

Horrible Racist Creep
Heartless Rash Classless
Hateful Rancid Callous
Hysterically Relentless Creature
Hostile Ruthless Criminal
Historically Rotten Campaign
Haggard Reanimated Corpse
Horror Rancor Canker
Hooves Rashes Cankles
Hidden Republican (in the) Closet
Hillary Rodham Clinton

She represents all of this, and I feel comfortable saying this after her Horribly Rotten and Callous remarks when she invoked the assassination of Bobby Kennedy as a reason for her campaign to continue. Make no mistake about it, she did this on purpose. She did not mis-speak. She's been playing this game too long to not know the power of words. The only difference this time is that she miscalculated the impact those carefully chosen words would have.

Olbermann properly takes her to the woodshed for that - and her many other - stupid remarks this campaign season.

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