Thursday, May 15, 2008

Racism is alive and well in the south

If anyone ever wonders why I fled the south - and why I have no intention of ever returning - I'd point you this:

The problem with these racist crackers who say they aren't racist belie an even more important fact. They do not know that they are racist, even though clearly their words and actions prove otherwise. Ignorance is a major component of racism, and these racists who do not know or understand that they are indeed racist clearly highlights just how ignorant they really are.

Funny how the old coot throws out the possibility if him supporting Colin Powell as an indication that he isn't a racist. I've heard that one as much as I've heard the frequent excuse by racists that "I'm not a racist, some of my best friends are [insert race of choice here]," or "everyone is a little racist." These propositions are equally ignorant. Without getting too far into this now, one thing I do wonder is why anyone would support Colin Powell in the first place. Is it because he makes white racists feel good about themselves for supporting a "black guy" who by most measurements is "whiter" than Dick Cheney? Or is because they have a compulsion for supporting spineless, lying Yes Men who are willing to abdicate their moral responsibility to tell the truth when their words could very well lead to the needless deaths of thousands of innocent people (as has actually happened)? Just asking.

Kudos for the reporter to call this hillbilly out for being the racist - and ignorant moron - that he is.

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