Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bad day for legal justice

Revenge obsessed sociopaths in America may be rejoicing, but for the very few of us who believe that laws come before men, today we were thrust headlong into bizarre-o world by one Judge James Roberts, who - from a certain perspective - just issued a ruling that translates to it being okay that you get to be tried for a crime without even being charged with a crime.

Armchair warriors and those that jack off to Sean Hannity and 24 might sidle up to this ruling as being fine and good since it only involves terrorists, but they do that because they're dumber than boxes of rocks, and couldn't solve for two if they had one in each hand. What most people won't get is that laws we establish in America are laws that can be applied to everyone in custody in America.

Terrorists, and those who aid and abet them, should be treated as criminals, even criminals under special circumstances. But we need not bend our laws, or break them, or retroactively remake them after they've been broken. Without a respectful rule of law, anarchy is not far away. Believe it or not, there are a bunch of lubed up Hannity fans out there packing a whole lot of heat that are just itchin' to prove my point (against my wishes as it were).

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