Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sunday Sketch - Flip-flops are Great for the Summer

On the heals of launching Animal Farm Fridays in honor of the rising totalitarian police state in America, I'm now kicking off the Sunday Sketch, featuring an unfinished - and currently exclusive - cartoon. Some of you may recall my earlier request to get readers to pound away on the Google ads to help me justify the time commitment it takes to do these cartoons. There's been modest progress there, but right now sketches and works-in-progress are the most I can do. So thanks for those who have been clicking those ads, but I'm pleading now for others to literally abuse those ads with your mouse clicks - point the arrow on the ads and pound away on that mouse button - because, while this is partly a labor of love, it is still labor, and I still have bills to pay.

With that, I'll pause on the pity party/beggars ball and introduce to you the inaugural piece to the new Sunday Sketch feature on The Low Bar. (Click the image to enlarge)

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