Thursday, August 21, 2008

Vice President Hillary Rodham Clinton

That's my guess as of last night. Just putting it out there.

I also just read that Nate Silver's numbers support the possibility. I once said that I wouldn't vote for Obama if HRC was the veep pick, but I've been so disillusioned with Obama lately that I'm entirely ambivalent about who he picks for the slot. HRC disgusts me to the core, but not nearly as much as McCain does, so there is THAT.

I used to think that Obama would win by a landslide, but his campaign since the primaries ended has done nothing but piss me off. Apart from the FISA issue, I can't let myself put heart and soul into a losing campaign, and Obama hasn't been looking like a winner to me lately. While I thought McCain never really had a chance, because he is such a bumbling boob, I have to remember that W was a bumbling boob too, and there were enough idiots in this country to re-elect that twat. So I guess there are enough idiots in this country who coyuld do the same for McCain, especially while he's running such a weak-kneed campaign.

One thing Obama needs to remember. W won because he "doesn't do nuance." Most Americans are too stupid to know what nuance means, and are too lazy to look it up. But Americans do like "tough" - even if it's just tough talk. You don't have to be tough, you just have to have the appearance of being tough. Obama these days looks anything but.

But I digress.

I totally got it wrong! But I've never been more happy about being wrong.

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