Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More, please!

I wish we could see this stuff on national broadcast so that the rest of the country can see what a belligerent, whining bully McCain really is. I mean, imagine what kind of a whining prick he was like as a plebe in the academy when he was crying to his upper-classmen about sicking his Admiral daddy on them when they were breaking him in. Or all the times he cried that same cry about his daddy every time he crashed a plane, just so he could keep from being grounded, and even get the chance to fly again. I don't even doubt he cried that same cry when he was being worked over in the Hanoi Hilton, but he can be forgiven for that, certainly.

But to be a cry-baby bully to the editors at the Des Moines Register in a sit down is beyond pathetic. As my buddy Adam would say, "someone should call the waaaaaah-mbulance" for McCain.

Here's another point I'm not ever going to give up on: just because a soldier had the misfortune of becoming a POW does not give that soldier a free pass to be a dick for the rest of his life when he is freed. You either do something good with your freedom, or you do what John McCain did, and you cheat on (and dump) your crippled wife - who waited for your return - for a rich trophy wife, or you sell out your Congressional office for favors to a criminal financier, or you help an asshole president start an unnecessary war of choice against an oil-rich Middle Eastern country, and ultimately run the most disgusting and despicable presidential campaign, completely devoid of honor and integrity.

Ladies and gentlemen, John Sidney McCain, III. The only guy who can make George W. Bush seem acceptable.

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