Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Earmark Hypocrites

TPM has a great photo spread of all the earmark hypocrites, the blowhards railing against excessive spending while they're responsible for a loading up the spending bill with pork. You can see right through their slimey tactics. Fatten up the bill first, then attack Obama for passing a bloated bill.

Of all the hypocrites though, the one that has irked me the most is that punk Evan Bayh. Since he's been in office, he's done nothing to stand in the way of GOP/George W Bush spending and budgets, but now that we have a Democratic president, he suddenly grows a pair and is now an instant fiscal conservative? Give me a f***ing break! The chump needs to be taken out behind the wood shed and taught what happens to hypocrites and liars! At the very least, we need to start fielding credible primary challengers to run against this fool when the time comes!

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