Thursday, March 12, 2009

Raisin of Reason: The Silent Minority

The awesome Cenk Uygur champions the cause of the godless, and urges us to be silent no more!

There is a minority group in America that is a bigger percentage of the country than blacks or Hispanics. But they are often ignored or derided in public. Almost no politician would ever admit to being one. And they are given no voice in the public arena.

They are the non-religious. A new comprehensive study by The Program on Public Values at Trinity College shows that this group is now a whopping 15% of the country. Mormons by comparison are a puny 1.4% of the population, and people can't shut up about the Mormons. The Senate Majority Leader is a Mormon, one of the top Republican presidential candidates was Mormon and even HBO has a whole show devoted to them.

My guess is that there are actually more than 15%, and that most are too afraid of coming out of the closet for fear of retribution in their jobs, or being ostracized by their communities. But it surprises me that people are more comfortable living lives predicated on mythologies, fairy tales, and superstitions.

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