Friday, February 5, 2010

Animal Farm Friday II - A boy and his 24 year old cat

From this post.

One night my wife dreamt she was grooming it and found a zipper under its belly fur. She pulled it and saw a light inside. Staring at this light she became aware she was being drawn into the cat.

She wandered around the house as a cat, not as an old one but in the prime of life, leaping around the furniture, chasing dust motes and running out the cat flap making it bang open, then up along the fence, balancing on the narrow uprights then a leap up into the tree, walking out onto the branches to rest and look down on everyone. It was wonderful having a cats agility and balance, leaping up onto tables spinning after her tail, investigating movements in the air. She dreamt she lept up onto her favorite pillar and was being stoked by humans, she could tell what they were like by the energy their strokes gave her. A nice woman stroked her and it was a lovely warm feeling.

That morning we found the cat in its usual position on the bed at her feet. It was unable to move. It was the weekend so we both went down the vets. She went easy. After we had a short discussion with the vet she just allowed her paw to be shaved and injected. It was all over in a minute, she slipped out of or lives as quietly as she slipped in. I admired that. We wrapped her in a blanket and buried her in the Garden and planted lavender over her. I think of her still. We haven't owned a cat since.

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