Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I am a US Air Force Intelligence Veteran of the War in Afghanistan and I support Wikileaks.

I am a US Air Force Intelligence veteran of the war in Afghanistan and I support Wikileaks.


After reading many of the Iraq/Afghan/Cablegate logs I am compelled to inform my fellow citizens that I saw nothing in these logs that could endanger our troops or public servants.

Here’s what I did see: I saw Iraq war logs that painted a very bleak picture of the situation there which doesn’t match up with the “improved security” that’s been reported by the “Defense” Department for years. I saw proof of public officials acting dishonestly and abusing their posts. Overall, I saw an out of control government that is in over its head and does more to endanger the lives of its people than any publishing organization ever could.

I volunteered to protect this country under the impression that my government followed the will of the American People and adhered to the US Constitution.

I'm not a Ron Paul supporter, as the writer of this post appears to be, by I am in line with Paul's anti-war/pro-WikiLeaks stance. I also think it's high time for everyone who has taken the oath to defend the Constitution to take a moment and think about it, to think about whether or not their actions are consistent with the Constitution, and whether or not it's time to take decisive action in defense of the Constitution against those who would malign it by breaking their oaths.

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