Saturday, March 29, 2008

Clinton's legacy?

Snowballs have a better chance in hell than Clinton has at beating
Obama - to say nothing of her chances against McCain, but there's no
reason for her to drop out of the race. While it would be best for the
party if she would at least not help the McCain campaign's general
election, I think this thing will only get nastier. What that will
mean is that Obama will still win the nomination of the Democratic
party and I believe he will win the general election as well, though
that too will be a nasty fight as the GOP always delivers on that.
After the election, Clinton will go back to New York and her career
will gradually deteriorate. When she decides to run for office again,
her opponents will have a treasure trove of material to use against

In a worse scenario, if Clinton is able to damage the Democratic party
enough that causes independents to switch to McCain, then Clinton will
descend into obscurity and be branded a pariah like Nader.

No matter what she does from here out, her future is ruined.

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