Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hillary Clinton, the child molester

That's right, if you follow the logic that Barack Obama is an un-patriotic racist because of something his pastor said (even though his pastor was only repeating the words of a white US Ambassador). By that same logic, Hillary Clinton is a child molester.

If we're going to judge a person by the words - or actions - of their spiritual leaders, then we have to conclude that Hillary Clinton is either a child molester, or she condones such activity, because her pastor, Rev. William Procanick, is now in jail for molesting a child.

Lets hear Clinton and the pundits spin this one.

UPDATE: Thanks to "anonymous" for pointing out - albeit in a rather smug and impolite manner - that the Clinton being referred to here is actually the name of a town in New York. Although nothing I read here, here, here, and here indicated such. I might have been clued in had I paid closer attention to this one.

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Anonymous said...

How about you read the actual news story. The words "former Clinton paster" refer to geography, not patronage by her Evilness.

I'm as anti-Hillary as they get, but come on. A little fact checking

Jake Barlow said...

Response to anonymous: Just to clarify, I read 5 different news articles - not blog posts, but news articles (and I'd be happy to provide links if you provide me with an email address I can send them to), and in none of these articles was it made clear that Clinton was a town in New York. Perhaps it was clear to the locals, but then I am not a local.

Thanks for clarifying that, but next time try not to be so smug.

Anonymous said...


"William Procanick - the former pastor at the First Assembly of God in Clinton - received a three year prison sentence for sexually abusing a seven-year-old girl."

Also consider that the original story came out of Utica, well known for not being in the New York metro area.

You could have also checked on Hillary's history, who her pastor was, which church she attended, and her denomination.

This is being played off as pro-Hillary media bias while it is actually nothing more than the Obama crowd trying to get 'back' at Hillary for Wright.

Hopefully my smugness informs you that I'm the same anonymous as before ;)