Sunday, March 30, 2008

Work That Poll

As I've said before, the only things the polls have been consistently right about is being wrong nearly every time. Then there are the breathtakingly inane polls that CNN has run, that even taken at face value of being "for entertainment only" have been somewhat alarming.

But I have to admit to enjoying watching a pole - er, poll - worked hard, so I decided to whip out my poll. Check it out over in the lower right column.

C'mon y'all. If you show that poll some love, I'll whip out some more.

1 talk back:

Lee Wright said...

You mentioned a pole being worked hard and now I can't concentrate on anything else.

At work I am blocked from most internet access (except for email, and for some reason, this site) so I will have to take your pole--er, poll--when I get home.