Thursday, June 12, 2008

Is home grown and hand sewn better?

In many ways, notably by the quote below, the writer of this post is a douchebag. But he makes a few somewhat sensible points about the locavore lifestyle.

"Deliciousness" is subjective. But one obvious point is that no one person can grow or produce all the things she would like to eat. As a kid who grew up on a small farm, I can tell you that after I had my fill of corn and asparagus and raspberries, all I really wanted was a Big Mac.

WTF? He could have picked a better burger. Big Macs suck. He could have made his point just as clearly by saying "cheeseburger," but in exposing his desire for one of the worst fast food inventions ever, he damn near discredits anything else he says.

Still, it's worth a read.

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