Friday, June 20, 2008

Obama caved on FISA

That may have cost him my support.

More later.


I am sickened by the capitulation of the Democrats in the House over amnesty for the telecoms for illegal wiretapping. Progressive Democrats have been showing repeatedly that we don't have to argue national security issues on Republican terms, and that we can win elections while standing up to them and arguing on our terms. Caving into the telecoms and to Bush on this important issue was one of the biggest disappointments since the authorization to use force against Saddam Hussein.

Barack Obama has been running his campaign on real change in Washington, and in what is decidedly his biggest test yet, he seems to be failing on that message. By supporting the House on this matter, Barack Obama is not demonstrating change whatsoever. He can talk until he's blue in the face about being against amnesty for telcos, but if he does not stand up against this FISA compromise, his words mean nothing. NOTHING.

As reminds us, Obama promised to filibuster any bill that granted amnesty to the telecoms, so it is imperitive that he be held accountable to his words. He has said time and again that he is accountable to us, we who have poured our hearts, souls, time, and money into supporting him. He said he is not beholden to corporations and their lobbyists. Now is the time for him to honor his words and prove that he really is the candidate for change, and not just another two-faced, forked-tongue politician.

As someone who walked door to door, up and down hills in the pouring rain in SF, and spent five days in Texas on the phones and walking door to door in three precincts, and spent countless hours on the phones many more times, it pains me to say this: If Obama does not keep his word on such an important matter as upholding the values of our Consitution, then I am going to have a very hard time supporting him anymore.

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