Monday, June 23, 2008

I will stop supporting Barack if he doesn't filibuster the FISA bill

Dear Mr. Burton,

My name is James Barlow, I was a precinct captain in CD-08, San Francisco, and I spent 5 days in Texas walking door to door and working the phones. I have also donated nearly $2000 to his campaign, and his is the first campaign I have ever worked for. But if Barack Obama does not filibuster Steny Hoyers FISA compromise, I will STOP SUPPORTING BARACK OBAMA. No more donations. No more volunteering for the campaign. No vote in the general election.

This is the real test of Barack Obama's claim to bring change to Washington. If he capitulates on this issue, I will absolutely have no way of trusting him anymore, and his message of change will be nothing but complete hogwash.

It is bad enough that Barack cut that radio ad for Bush Democrat John Barrow, when a much more deserving progressive Democrat could have benefited from his support. That Obama backed Barrow was reprehensible. Now, his support of the FISA compromise will be the deal breaker.

I am not acting out, nor am I venting my frustration. Hear this, Mr. Burton, and communicate it to Barack Obama: I WILL NOT SUPPORT, NOR VOTE FOR BARACK OBAMA IF HE DOES NOT FILIBUSTER THE FISA BILL IF IT GRANTS AMNESTY TO TELECOMS.


James Barlow
873 Guerrero St
San Francisco, CA 94110

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