Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Serenity Lost: Obama And The Netroots

I don't quite understand how trampling the Constitution is a matter that only the netroots are upset about. It's abhorrent that most Americans don't seem bothered by this. Abhorrent, but understandable when you stop to consider the degree of ignorance and apathy in this country, as well as mass media complacency on matters of grave importance affecting this country. Most who know me think that I am an "Obamabot" - and I have traveled to red states to campaign for him. But I care a lot more about the Constitution than I do any single man, and if Obama is complicit in the success of the FISA "compromise", that will be a travesty that I cannot forgive. Two major points to consider: 1) Obama gave his word that he would do everything he could to oppose telco amnesty. If he breaks his word on such an important issue, then how can he be trusted? 2) If he allows for the trampling of the Constitution, then he has shown contempt for the very laws that serve as the bedrock of our nation. He would no more deserve to be president than Bush.
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