Friday, June 27, 2008

Keith Olbermann, Glenn Greenwald Feud Over FISA

About Keith Olbermann
I think Keith and Glenn are both right in different ways. Per KO's comment, I'll follow John Dean on this one, and wholeheartedly agree that he is worth 25 GGs and 26 KOs. I am as fuming mad at BO for this triangulation, to the point of considering not donating or volunteering as I have in the past, but if there is any truth to the notion that the "soft on terror" attacks are trumped by this move, and that the possibility for criminal prosecution is still on the table, then BO's change in position makes sense. I don't know enough about Constitutional law to have a solid understanding of this, and I believe GG comes up short on this as well. But John Dean certainly knows more about Constitutional law than just about anyone alive, so I'd defer to his judgment on this.
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In this original post, I asserted that Glenn Greenwald comes up short on the Constitutional law front. I am completely incorrect on that, and would like for the record to say that Glenn does indeed know quite a lot about Constitutional law. I had meant to also include Keith Olbermann in that regard, and I will stand by the assertion that he does not know much about Constitutional law. I also want to be clear that the point I was trying to make was that John Dean does indeed know more about Constitutional law than both of them combined, and I was attempting to laud Mr. Dean and not necessarily denegrate either Misters Greenwald or Olbermann.

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