Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Will she bow out? NO!

NOPE. I called it.

I can see Obama making the argument that the best way to unite the country is to start by uniting the party, but that would be obvious and shallow. Putting Clinton on the ticket might create an image of unity, but there are too many voters who simply will not show up to vote if she is on the ticket, this one included.

If Obama caved in and added her to the ticket, how can he be perceived as someone who wouldn't cave to our enemies? If he can't stand up to Hillary, then who can he stand up to? He has painted her as the candidate of old politics, and he can't be the candidate of new politics if she's on the ticket. She brings nothing that plenty of other Democrats can't bring, and most likely without that notorious baggage. How would that be turning the page?

No, putting Clinton on the ticket is an endorsement of her nasty and repugnant style of politics that this country doesn't need. I'd be willing to wager that the thousands of Clintonuts who are voting with their vajayjays instead of their consciences can be let go and made up elsewhere. I'm also betting that any Dem behind Clinton on the ticket is probably just covering his or her ass in order to avoid a nasty 3am phone call from an angry red-faced Bill.

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