Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Justice on hold

Yes, I am pissed off at Cass Sunstein's recent wussified remarks about an Obama administration not pursuing justice against "egregious" crimes committed by the Bush administrations. But after reading about Radovan Karadzic's capture, and knowing that Ratko Mladic is still on the loose, and factoring in that it will take many years before - if ever - these barbarians will face trial, adding to that the notorious impatience and short attention spans of Americans, I am certain there will never be any war crimes trials at the Hague for Bush and Dick (hell, Dick will be dead in a couple of years anyway). The best we can hope for would be that a President Obama declares Bush and Cheney enemy combatants and ships them off to Gitmo forever. Of course, along with the many pardons Georgie doles out - including his own and Dick's too - he'll close own Gitmo on the off chance that it might have even a slight possibility of becoming a permanent residence.

From out here, looking at the Hague's back-logged docket and lack of ideal locations to imprison war criminals, the world is a very small step away from looking like the American penal system. We're well on our way to becoming a prison planet. (Insert imaginative leap here.)

Don't even get me started on one of histories current living "war" criminals Mugabe.

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