Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Old man driver

Josh is on point here:

Novak says he didn't realize he'd hit anyone. And if that's true it
removes a great deal of the moral and potential criminal liability. But
it puts in real question whether Novak should be driving a car. If you
can be driving through the relatively compact streets of downtown
Washington, hit a pedestrian so that he rolls up on to your windshield
and then trundles off onto the ground and you don't notice, should you
really be driving?

Think about that. For most of us I think having anything make
contact with your car while you're in motion is very jarring, as it
should be. That's certainly been my experience. And you don't notice
when you plow into a guy and he rolls up on your windshield? I don't
get that.

My guess is that Novak has been reading all the pro-velo posts about bicycles in D.C. at Andrew Sullivan's blog, got all pissed off and tried to make a point. Too bad his point was so potentially dangerous.

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