Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Should I be happy about this?

Getting quoted in an article in the NY Daily News - with the fifth largest circulation in the US - on my 40th birthday sounds like a good thing, especially in an article that also quotes Glenn Greenwald on the same issue. But then it is the NY Daily News, a rag that has been at times in a head-to-head race to the bottom with Rupert Murdock's NY Post. It's also quoting something I wish I wouldn't have had to say. But today tomorrow will bear out my reasoning as Barack Obama votes alongside many other cowardly Democratic senators to undermine the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution.

But at least Mike Saul wrote the article somewhat fairly, so I'm grateful for that. Although he could have mentioned a little more about the wiretapping flap.

The votes in the Senate on various amendments to the FISA "compromise" bill and to the underlying bill itself were originally scheduled for today, but have been postponed until tomorrow (Wednesday, July 9) to enable Senators to attend the funeral of Jesse Helms.

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