Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Why the media loves McCain?

Does he use some kind of magical bbq sauce, laced with magic mushrooms or Ecstasy? Or maybe Cindy plies them all with promises of free Budweiser for the rest of their lives? Maybe the [Straight] Talk Express is stocked with lots of free porn and chicken.

It's easy for me to believe that it's all of these, and perhaps that they are all still in love with their "idea" of McCain the Top Gun Maverick. Except McCain was never even close to being a Top Gun, given how many planes he "crashed and burned." (Hell, he's never even been much of a maverick.) Maybe it's because they see that he's so pliable, given the way his stances on issues change seemingly by the moment. A guy like that would certainly be easy enough to manipulate, and his involvement as part of the Keating 5 would support that notion.

But maybe the reason is much more cynical. Maybe the press is trying to create an artificial horserace like they did with Clinton. even though Obama had essentially won the primaries by the first week in March, the MSM made hay out of Clinton's "dogged determination" and "won't back down" fighting, even though her odds of overtaking Obama were slim to none. But a horserace it was, yeah? A real nail-biter. The ratings and ad sales were through the roof!

Stepping back away from the trees, to me the forest looks like it has a clear path running from Chicago to the White House. That path cutting in from Arizona looks twisted, winding, and narrow, and full of fallen trees, briar patches, and nefarious, loot-stealing highwaymen. It seems clear to just about anyone who is not a white racist pig that Obama is walking all over McCain in the general election, and every day is two steps forward for Obama, and only a half-step forward (or one step back) for McCain. It's only the MSM that seems to have not gotten the memo, or if they have, they are choosing to ignore it. Instead, we find the MSM fabricating a new horserace, this time with Big Brown versus Ol' Gray Mare Mac. It is in the financial interest of the MSM to keep some sense of competition alive in this race, otherwise, consider all the lost revenue - and lost journalism jobs - if the media treated this race like it really is: Obama is beating the snot out of McCain.

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