Friday, October 3, 2008

And this one time, at debate camp...

Palin didn't flame out to Ifill's questions, but that can be attributed directly to there being no follow-ups, and never mind that she didn't even bother to answer most questions, but instead asked then answered her own questions.

No doubt had Ifill asked a follow up questions, we would have seen the Sarah Palin that Katie has been seeing lately. Instead, we got a weak debate platform, hosted by a concilliatory moderator who was afraid to ask any challenging questions of either candidates. No fault to Gwen Ifill though, because if she asked tough questions of both candidates, the McCain campaign would have martyred itself over the affair while the Obama campaign looked on in befuddled wilderment, understandably.

That said, Biden took this debate away hand over fist. There was only one person up on that stage tonight that looked like a potential President of the United States, and that person was debating a someone running as Senior Class President of a small school from a small town in Alaska.

Hey, she plays the flute too!

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