Tuesday, October 21, 2008

They keep telling us, and we keep ignoring them.

From a 1991 BBC documentary of the Kogi, a pre-Columbian people once thought extinct.

She taught, the Great Mother taught, she taught us right and wrong, and
still we have not given up living in the way, and knowing right from wrong
as she taught us. We remember a teaching and live by it. The Great Mother
taught and taught. The Great Mother gave us what we needed to live and her
teaching has not been forgotten right up to this day. We all still live by
it. But now they are taking out the Mother's heart, they are digging up
the ground and cutting out her liver and her guts. The Mother is being cut
to pieces, stripped of everything. From their first landing they have been
doing this. The Great Mother too has a mouth, eyes, and ears. They are
cutting out her eyes and ears. If we lost an eye we would be sad. So the
Mother too is sad, and she'll end, and the world ends if you do not stop
digging and digging.




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