Tuesday, November 4, 2008

first reax

Lots of thoughtful stuff to blather on about once more in control of my faculties, but a quick snapshot on my predictions and how they panned out are below. Just for giggles, I've shared these thoughts only with a few folks close to me, and didn't write about them for fear of jinxing any of them. That said, I do have backup proof of my predictions, so I feel happy revealing them now after the fact. Here are my proudest:

  • Obama with +350 electoral votes (votes still coming in, but it's close)
  • Indiana to Obama (most polls said McCain, I NEVER lost hope in IA, and he got it!!!)
  • Florida by a hair (by the grace of Orange county - including my mom, sister, and niece - WIN!)

Truthfully, apart from Obama's overall win, I expected Indiana to be a very long shot, but something in my gut told me it would happen. If I can ever tap into that, I might find a way to make myself rich. Until then, I'll just soak in the joy of being right about a few things regarding the second most important thing ever (the first most important thing being my wife, Clarice).

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