Friday, November 14, 2008

Post-election Pessimism

Having been completely emotionally overwhelmed after the election, and despite being incredibly joyous at Obama's victory, I was equally humbled by the Prop 8 vote. I had been hoping to draft a recap of the entire experience - just cathartic, if nothing else. Perhaps I will eventually, but for now I can't seem to get motivated.

Since the election, my anger over Prop 8 has intensified beyond belief. I'm surprised at my own anger, but I am just as hopeful about what appears to be a new civil rights movement awakening as a result.

What I can't get past right now is the garbage that is all over the news. I thought the country was f-ed up before, and I thought we had hope after Obama's victory. But since the election, Palin has grabbed as much - if not more - national air time than our President-Elect.

Sorry, Ms. Wasillabilly, but you LOST. You didn't lose because of McCain, McCain lost because of you. Please, just do us all a favor and say something outlandishly stupid on par with most of the other stupid things you've said, and hopefully the country will tire of you as fast as every other moronic celebrity.

I'm also way past being over all the ridiculous speculation about Obama's cabinet picks, and the drama over the leaks/non-leaks. Seriously, who cares?!?! First of all, maybe Obama can honor his campaign pledge for transparency and just be fucking open about his plans. Put it all out there and there won't be anything to leak!

It's not like it matters anymore, Barack. You WON! It's not like your staffing picks are going to change any of that. What's up with the Cheney-like secrecy? What the hell do you think that's going to buy you, besides a little more media speculation? Is that what you want? To stay in the headlines? Are you trying to be Palin, or just keep up with her?

There may be a strategy to what Obama is doing. That may be an understatement, actually. Either way, I don't care, and I'm sick of hearing about it, as much as I am sick of the weak-kneed Democratic response to Lieberman, and their pathetic habit of putting partisan friendliness ahead of rule of law (No impeachment, no war crime prosecution, Lieberman, etc., etc.).

What I would be happy to see is an aggressive approach by Obama to not only undo most of Bush's damage, but also prosecute those in his administration for the wrong-doings, which would have to be part of mitigating that damage.

Obama, stop playing patty-cake with the Republicans and let them know that there's a new sheriff in town, and if they want to do business, they need to come to you with hat in hand. Just don't sidle up to them with your pants around your ankles.

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