Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Signs of weakness?

Apparently, the other morning Harry Reid said that Joe Lieberman votes with Democrats more than Harry Reid. That tells me that Harry Reid needs to have his bony ass booted from the Senate first, and then he can take his good buddy Joe with him.

We all know why Joe must go. He's garbage, and not the kind that can be recycled, but the kind that belongs in landfill. Harry Reid is worse, because Harry Reid is the guy who enables garbage like Lieberman's rotting soul to desecrate the halls of Congress. Neither of these bastards has done much worth being proud of from the Democratic perspective. They've both either been lifting their skirts for Republicans, or have been actively bending over and spreading for them.

By not booting out Lieberman, Reid has given his best demonstration yet as why he is a worthless, ineffective Democrat. It should be no mystery that almost every senator or congressional leader is not actually interested in their parties' platforms nearly as much as they are interested in the power of their office. Most of them should be thrown out on their sorry asses for robbing us peasants to pay off their corporate and financial masters, the same bastards that have been robbing us blind for the past decade or so. That's no real surprise, though.

What is surprising is that our new President-Elect has decided to be magnanimous and has suggested that Democrats be nice to Ol' Joe. I have no problem with that type of grace, and I think on some level it is a sign of strength. But in this case, it demonstrates glaringly Obama's naiveté that Lieberman warned about. Obama may think he's being graceful, but he's being played like a fiddle.

Of course, it's not even about magnanimity, it's more likely about Obama still trying to prove he's friendly with the Jews, as with his Rahm Emanuel pick. That's going to be his death knell. Because if I am seeing signs of Obama's weak effort of trying to appear like he's being diligent and shrewd, when in fact he's still making it up as he goes along, falling back to Clintonian hacks instead of brandishing young guns who are highly capable and very contemporary, then just wait until Gingrich and the Right get hold of him.

I wasn't seeing this at first, but Obama taking the side of Lieberman just shined a big light on the fact that Obama isn't bringing real change to Washington, he's just bringing Washington back to where it was before Bush.

Yes, the Clinton era was incredible compared to the past eight years. But I can vividly recall that those years weren't as great as everyone likes to think they were. It is only by comparison to the Bush years that they stand out. But the Clinton years paved the way for Bush. By capitulating to the Right, and to the so-called Center, the Democrats boldly admitted that progressive and liberal policies were wrong. So that part of the country that paid little attention to politics got the signal that being Conservative - nay Republican - was good, so they voted with Republicans.

Obama is sending out those same signals and he's not even in office yet. I'm not ready to cry "buyer's remorse" just yet, but I am starting to get worried.

I'll be watching Obama closely, and I will do so with a critical eye. I'll be doing my damnedest to keep him - and the country - from moving right. And I'll continue making the case that Reid, Pelosi, Lieberman, and Feinstein must go, along with their buddies.

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