Sunday, January 25, 2009

another reason CRM journalists should be beaten on site

I just love how our vaunted Corporate-Run Media - the so-called Fourth Estate - seems to have become adversarial to the other states of democracy now that Democrats are in charge. It would have been exceptional if they showed even an modicum of spine during the past eight years. I've long railed against how useless, pathetic, and slavish the Corporate-Run Media has been during the Reign of Republiscum, and these bottom-feeders stridently continue to support my claims. It's sad that they do, because the press was once the peoples' only bulkhead against the onslaught of tyranny. It is entirely evident that the media has become complicit in supporting tyranny, even as the tyrant flees. Therefore, it is encumbent upon the citizenry of this Republic to meet reprisal against the failed Fourth Estate.

If you see a journalist paid directly by a Corporation, punch IT in the throat. You'll be doing your patriotic duty. (Sorry, Greg Sargent. You chose your bed.)

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