Monday, January 26, 2009

Raisin of Reason: Atheist bus adverts suit - Case Closed

Launching a new feature to encapsulate political topics of the philosophical kind. This world is overrun by kooky superstitious folks who believe in magic, witchcraft, angels, and some super-dude in the sky that takes time out of his busy schedule to hear - but generally ignore - their prayers. Logic, science, and reason struggle under the oppressive weight of ignorance, apathy, and delusional thinking, but occasionally manage to break into the light. So, whenever I find that little raisin of reason in triumph over superstition, I'll share that under the auspice of a tiny taste of fruit of knowledge.

Perhaps not the ideal inaugural example, the case of the Believers' suit in Britain against the atheist bus advertisements being shot down is still a triumph of sorts. The only drawback is the ASA's position that "... the claims in [the ads] were not capable of objective substantiation."

That's a bit presumptuous, I think.

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