Monday, January 5, 2009

Gaza Crisis


This statement seems to undermine your entire position on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict:

I need to repeat: There is no "just war" excuse for Hamas' murderous terrorism or for its refusal to acknowledge or peacefully co-exist with Israel.

It seems that you expect the Palestinians and other Arab countries to roll over like dogs to the almighty Christian Westerners and the Jewish invaders, and just meagerly accept that they are a beaten and broken people, and must acquiesce to the demands of the mightier power. Ironically, this is exactly what Christians - and the Romans before them - once demanded and expected of the Jews.

The undeniable fact is that the Jews have stolen - and have been stealing - Arab and Palestinian land - since the mid-20th century. The Arabs and Palestinians have been fighting back ever since.

Certainly, the Palestinian Arab's are not the first people who have had their land stolen by a superior power, but the simple fact is that the Palestinians and Arabs have refused to accept defeat at the hands of the Jews and their Western supporters. Much the same as no Western power has been able to conquer the Arabs, the Israelis as America's proxy will also never conquer their Arab neighbors. Israel may steal and occupy their land, oppress, starve, beat, and demoralize them, and they may even bomb them to bits, but they will not conquer them.

It's an obvious lesson that Conservatives - and certainly neocons - never seem to learn.

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