Friday, January 9, 2009

A New Age of Liberalism, indeed. Ha!

It would genuinely be exciting if Liberal Ideas were truly gaining in popularity, but I seriously have my doubts. That said, it would only take a brilliantly sublime marketing campaign - well-timed seasonally - to cause a sea change in opinion.

If anything, Apple has at least taught the world that people don't know what they want until they're told what it is they truly want.

Of course, Apple is not all that Genius. Evangelical ministers, Shamans, priests, used car salesmen, and quite a few dictators have known this Secret since they first began preaching the gospel and inciting the masses. The secret to the success of these masters of message is to first assess what it is people are looking for, or to discover what they are missing. Once that is figured out, the rest is simply manipulating their emotions adroitly enough to imbue your product with the features .

Marketing 101. Saturation and Domination.

But in a country - nay, world - saturated with and dominated by dumbed-down, Wal-Mart-style wholesale Conservative ideology, we are all in dire need of a targeted
messaging campaign to popularize critical thinking and celebrate common

It's nice to see someone trying.

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