Thursday, March 5, 2009

Holy Bile: The destructiveness of the Roman Catholic church

Starting a new category to complement Raisin of Reason. I'm calling it Holy Bible (since the header can't support the strikeout tag, it will read as Holy Bile, which is what I'm going for anyway, sans the geek factor).

Today's first entry goes this story of a Roman Catholic archbishop in Brazil for excommunicating a 9-year-old girl's mother and her doctors for aborting the twins she was carrying as a result of being raped by her stepfather.

In the long run, being kicked out of the Catholic church could be better for the family. This is their opportunity to hopefully learn just how destructive and evil the Roman Catholic church really is. Not to mention that giving birth would probably have killed the little girl. And would the church accept responsibility for that, the same way they've accepted responsibility for ruining the lives of so many children raped and molested by Roman Catholic clergy? It appears that the church is against aborting fetuses, but they are all for destroying the lives of children.

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