Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just say when

I've been working on an essay on the Fallacy of Conservatism for a while now, and just when I think I've got the premise dialed in, some Republiscum goes and blows it for me. While I've been drafting this essay, I keep getting short-stopped when I hit on something I find too cartoon-ish or just generally unbelievable about modern Conservatives and Republicans. And then I wake up and read in the news or blogs of somet new and astoundingly stupid thing some Conservative or Republiscum has said/opined/been convicted or indicted of, and I have to go back to the outline and start the draft over.

When Conservatives/Republiscums had their fingers on the buttons and their hands on the purse strings, they were worth taking seriously, even knowing all along the pathetic and un-funny collective joke that they have always been. But even I am amazed at just how amazingly ridiculous and bufoonish they are now that they pose no serious political threat (short of the militant uprising they are trying to foment).

I think I'll just sit back and see how much rope these 'tards will keep pulling out, and how many will hang themselves in the process.

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