Tuesday, March 10, 2009

That "Dan White Hero" psycho

I was on the steps of the California Supreme Court last Thursday in a heated shouting match with that psychopath carrying the Dan White Hero sign. I can tell you that this individual (I'm loathe to call him a person) clearly had some mental issues, apart from being stunningly ignorant. He was shouting the usual epithets of "God hates fags" and couldn't stop confusing me as a "fag spreading AIDS" even though my wife  - introduced as such - was right next to me.

My refrain was to shout at him repeatedly "You are supporting a murderer!" which eventually drew the attention of pro-Prop 8 supporters who actually turned their attacks on him, driving the psycho away. Or at least driving him away from us.

I can only hope he was met with the same fierce berating he got from us wherever he went.

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