Sunday, March 16, 2008

The AP's bias toward Clinton has been exposed

Regarding the writing by Mike Glover, with attention to other articles recently released by the AP, I have noticed a clear bias favoring Senator Clinton over Senator Obama. I'll admit that their writers are trying to be clever with how they use certain devices to get in subtle digs and stabs, but this type of shameful behavior must stop.

I call your attention to this recent article by Mr. Glover:

Obama expands delegate lead over Clinton
Democrat Barack Obama expanded his fragile lead in delegates over rival Hillary Rodham Clinton on Saturday

Twelve automatic delegates bring the state's total to 57.

Firstly, the AP seems to be the only news outlet that consistently refers to Mr. Obama's lead as fragile, whereas every other media outlet calls it like it is, and that is "nearly insurmountable." But I'll let that one slide. However, with Mr. Glover's adoption of a Clinton-created term - automatic delegates instead of superdelegates - Mr. Glover blew his cover. The AP bias towards Clinton has now been exposed.

Fortunately, other important and relevant folks are picking up on this also:

Don't think we're not paying attention.

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